How to contribute

Padfever promotes content that educates and enables renters. We publish guides, buying guides, plain-english summaries of laws, FAQs, and more on a broad range of topics that fit into our mission to our blog.

If you're interested in contributing, send an email to with your topic and a couple of sentences about why you want to write about this.

Our rates vary based on whether tools, templates, or affiliates are integrated with the content.

We'll do our best to respond within 1 week. Articles will be subject to an editorial and qualitative review. We also run similarity checks against existing content.

Rate: $0.08 per word (content only) or $0.10 per word (content + tools/affiliates).

Maximum: $100 (content only) or $200 (content + tools/affiliates).

For ideas on topics we publish content about, feel free to click around our blog. This includes, but isn't limited to:

  • Difficult landlords: Articles that give advice on how to handle maintenance issues, abusive landlords, and more.
  • Security deposits: Guides on how to handle security deposits, what to expect, and how to get it back. Other kinds of deposits, such as holding deposits, can be included in this topic.
  • Storage / Moving: Advice on how to move better.
  • College: Advice and ideas for college students who are moving into their first dorm or apartment.
  • Low income housing: Advice and ideas for folks renting low income housing. This includes below market rate housing, section 8 subsidies, or any local program.
  • Market insights: Speculation on which direction the market will go. Must be backed by some data or evidence such as observations on supply.
  • Renters insurance: Buying guides, consumer reviews, or experiences with renters insurace. Niche content such as how much coverage renters insurace has during hurricanes is desired.
  • Personal finance: Mainly credit building or how to get around bad credit advice.
  • Evictions: Any thing and every thing about evictions. This includes where renters can seek help.
  • Apartment tours: Photos of apartments recently toured with detailed outlines on the good and the bad.
  • Small space hacks: Have a cool suggestion on how to utilize small spaces? Is it cheap? Effective? Share it here.
  • Any thing that a renter would care about really!