Do a "background check" on your landlord before you make a decision on where to live.

Find past disputes, violations, and litigation for an address.

Why does it matter?

Would you live in apartment where the landlord...

  • Regularly raises rent?
  • Doesn't maintain the safety and security of the property?
  • Is constantly doing construction?

In San Francisco, there have been thousands of disputes between property managers and tenants. It's helpful to know how a manager conducts themselves before or after you sign a lease.

What do you get?

Score (Free)

dispute odometer

A landlord score is a three-digit number that relates to how likely a landlord is to be involved in a dispute with one of their tenants.

It's kind of like a credit score, but for landlords.

Dispute History (Payment Required)

dispute history on mobile


The date a party complained


Landlord or Tenant


Rent increase, evictions, utilities, and more


Granted, denied, settled, etc.

See for Yourself

See your landlord's score for free