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Padfever is not a listing site where you can find housing. It's focused on making rent transparent.

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Padfever operates on an "i'll show you mine if you show me yours" model. Share what your rent is like to get access to what every one else has shared.


See what every one else is paying for rent. This website is 100% user generated to capture what people are actually paying (real rent) instead of the asking price on Craigslist, Zillow, or Zumper (asked rent).


Why does it matter?

For the same reason you would want to know what others are being paid -- to know what you are giving up or should expect when entering the market.

Explore helps you uncover the difference between real rent and asked rent.

The long term goal of Explore is to reveal last accepted rent.

Asked Rent

The amount you'd find in a craigslist ad.

Bidded Rent

The amount you bid when in a competitive bidding situation. It's common for renters to bid on rentals in major cities like San Francisco.

Real Rent

The market value of the unit given all its features and the general housing environment.

Last Accepted Rent

The latest known rent accepted by a tenant and landlord. It's kind of like the last trade price in stock markets.

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