The missing toolkit for renters

Making renting common sense and helping every step of the way.

Korok and I (Abe) started Padfever because of problems we faced as renters.

Renting is plain expensive. Most people aren't renting by choice. And, to add insult to injury, there are scams, high priced listings, bad landlords, lousy neighbors, and more to deal with.

We hope Padfever helps you with what ever you're trying to do.

By renters, For renters

Our Story

Don't be like...

u/white-sugeknight: Who didn't consider their landlord might keep his security deposit.

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u/shortadamlewis: Who didn't consider their landlord might be a registered sex offender.

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u/NotYourAcquaintance: Who didn't know whether their landlord had their forwarding address.

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u/innovate7: Who never gave their landlord a forwarding address when they moved out.

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u/ambo420: Whose landlord claimed they never gave them a moving out notice.

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