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Why you need a Chrome extension

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High Priced Listings

Sometimes units are just priced too high. This is common since prices are locked in for a year.

Long Lived Vacancies

Plenty of units are on the market too long. Usually they're priced too high and are lowered a few times until they're rented out.

Weird Markets

Sometimes markets are just weird. Prices are all over the place and nothing makes sense.


Build confidene in your decisions with anecdotal evidence. Use comparable rentals to help negotiate fair pricing.

What you get

enhancements to craigslist

Enhanced Listings

Compare the current market conditions on listing websites. We currently enhance Craigslist. More to come...

cheap, average, expensive


See what's considered cheap, average, and expensive for a given area.

comparable leases

Comparable Leases

See recent leases while you browse listings. It's helpful to see similar units to know if you're getting a good deal.

See for Yourself

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