Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some questions that you may have

Are you a listing service? Can I find a place to live through Padfever?

Nope. We do not offer housing opportunities.

Should I worry about my landlord finding out?


In fact, most property managers are already collaborating on pricing. Do unto others as they do unto you.

How is Padfever different?

We build tools for renters. Where property management stops, we start. There aren't a lot of companies that do that.

Can't real rent information be used by my landlord to take advantage of me?

Yep. But they collaborate on pricing already. Tenants are the only ones left out.

Why are you guys building this?

We saw a deep need and asymmetry in the rental markets. It's unfair the tenants are expected to pay fair market rate without knowing what that rate is. This is even worse when the fair market rent is used in a tribunal setting. It's weird that landlords can demand background checks, but renters can't do that to them. Especially when roughly 1/3 do something clearly illegal like pocket security deposits.

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How many services do you offer?

Currently, our most adopted services are Padfever Explore and Inspect. We're growing a the r/Tenant community as well.

Why build services for renters, but not property managers?

There are a few reasons why:

  1. There are dozens of products for property managers already.
  2. The only services that exist for renter's are largely in the non-profit sector.
  3. As a company, providing services for both sides of the market would present a conflict of interest at some point. Basically, if one side turns out to be financially more interesting, then the other will suffer.