About us

Renting is hard.

It is one of the most expensive decisions you make every year.

It also feels terrible because you never really know if you’re getting gypped.

Padfever is a collection of guides and tools that, we hope, help with different parts of renting. We're also renter focused often to our own detriment. Frankly, there are enough out there.

We hope Padfever you with what ever you're trying to accomplish as a renter.




Abe is a software engineer who has been renting for around 15 years. He is an Apache committer/PMC on few projects in the Hadoop ecosystem. He is a member of the Data4Good initiative in Los Angeles and an active contributor to Datacon LA.



Korok has been renting for 11 years in Berkeley, where he has managed to survive on a graduate student stipend. He has a background in silicon device engineering.